My brandnew XPC ST62K equipped with a 2800mhz 1gb L2 cache, 800 mhz FSB has problems to accept it as a 14 x 200 mhz = 2.8GHz speed cpu.
If the bios is set to auto it will acctept it as such the first time it boots, but the second time it is reset to 166 x 14 = 2,32 GHz.
If it is manually set to FSB 200 then it will see it as 14 x200 = 2.80, but again, only at 1st boot.
The cpu is correctly described as a 2,8 mhz (also in Sisoft Sandra) but sometimes running @2.32 other occasions @ 2,80 GHz.

The bios is dated feb 27th and there has been no revision since.

Shuttle blames Intel, Intel blames Shuttle as usual....

Has anyone experienced similar trouble or knows a solution?