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Thread: What makes a good TFT display

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    Question What makes a good TFT display

    In looking for a TFT monitor its clear that 17" is the price range to go for and something less than a 15ms response tome. However what other factors make a better TFT display?
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    Dependant on who makes the actual panel. All of the 20ms panels in the major manufacturers were actually developed my hyundai and most people seem to disregard this. The Hercules Prophetview, one of the most talked about TFT's of its time used the Hyundai panel as well as some other manufacturers such as samsung. At the end of the day, no matter what TFT you get, it's still going to be excellent quality (as long as you chuck a decent amount of cash at it)

    I've just got myself a Hyundai Imagequest Q17+. 12ms response time and a contrast ratio of 500:1. These numbers mean nothing in terms of quality though and i must say, looking at the quality of this TFT i don't think it's possible to get anything of higher quality

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    I would suggest you look for dvi input, good contrast ratio, good brightness ratio, and if you play games a low response time i.e. 16ms or lower but having said that my 17" is 25ms and I dont play games and just to try it out I loaded a game and did not see any problem with it and dvd films are o.k.

    Also suggest that you try a few out in a shop that way you will see for yourself, and oh look out for pixel defect, this shows up as point of light on the screen or a dark spot

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