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Thread: Strange problem, random re-starts

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    Strange problem, random re-starts

    Right, here's the story

    My shuttle with WinXP Pro + SP1 was running fine for months 24/7 downloading stuff e.t.c, I then installed SP2 as a seperate file and everything was still fine.

    Recently I've done a slipstream CD with SP2 already on it, after re-installing WinXP with a fresh format on the shuttle, now here's where the problem start.

    With this new installation it seems to randomly re-starts for no apparent reason. I thought it might be a dodgy CD, but my brother has used the same one for his comp and it's fine. Could it be a bad install or has anyone got some ideas for this?
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    Are there any error messages or odd stuff in the event log? Does the same occur if you install using your original CD and apply SP2 as a separate install? If the latter doesn't occur, I'd still suspect the CD.

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    Windows XP automatically restarts when it encounters a system failure. You can turn this off if you wish: Right click on my computer > Properties > Advanced tab > Settings -start up and recovey.

    I had a similar problem when i first had windows XP (original version). I done this and the problem went away, however instead of restarting the system it just displayed a gloryfied windows XP blue screen of death or GWXPBSD. This may be the reason why your system restarts, but i dont know for sure.

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