ok well i am about to upgrade
with a 6600gt
i want the rig to be real queit whcih is why im getting the phong jeantech case with 2x120mm fans to keep alot quiter than all the 80mms in my current system.....
but there is not point in having this queit if the gfx and cpu are real loud
i found this at overclockers.co.uk.....Arctic Cooling Rev.4 nVidia 5 (6800 Series) VGA Silencer
on this page http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatal...c_Cooling.html second from bottom
this would keep it quiet right?
but it is for 6800gts
would it fit on a 6600 AGP (bear in mind there is no Sli connecter)
also does anyone have any ideas on how to keep a A64 s754 2800+ quiet

i dont mind not having absolute sinlence but i just wanna have my pc on all the time cause it has the scanner and printer on the network in my house.
and overclocking is not something ill be doing (i dont think)
thanks again