Well just got a new Shuttle SN95G5 and it is giving me some fits. First here's the system configuration:

AMD64 3200+
Dual DDR 2x512 Corsair PC3200XLPT
XFX 6600GT 128mb
NEC ND-3500A

Now the trouble comes when trying to format the hard disks with a new WinXP pro install. I've tried BOTH SATA and UltraATA HDD's (74GB Raptor, 200GB Seagate) and with both drives the system hangs at 0% of the partition format when installing on the brand new drives. I know that both drives work (tested in other PC's) and I've exhausted just about all the BIOS settings possible. Tried the SATA on the raid controller, used the floppy to install the RAID/Storage drivers etc. and I am at a loss.

The darn thing just will NOT format the HDD's no matter what I try.

Anybody have any insight?

Thanks in advance