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Thread: overclocking 3500+ 64 101?

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    overclocking 3500+ 64 101?

    first i just like to ask if a coolermaster hyper 6 is a good cooling choice for my socket 939 3500+ 64. I have seen the recomendations put forward in the "living document" sticky but i live in new zealand and those coolers arnt available here. This one however i have read good things about but id like some other opinions.
    My rig has:

    3500+ 64
    Gigabyte K8NS
    1024mb Geil ram
    Gigabyte 6800gt
    120gb seagate IDE 7200rpm 8mb cache (got it a while ago otherwise id have SATA)

    At the moment im using the stock cooler but i do want to learn how to do some overclocking so in future i dont have to spend so much on cpus.
    Ive done i little bit of overclocking with the stock cooler and got it to 3800+ lvls at 2.4 ghz. It was quite stable but i put the cpu back to stock lvls cos im still using the stock cooler.
    When i get a new cooler where should i go to increase the performance further? at the moment the cpu absolutely refuses to even post at the 230fsb lvl (even with the multiplyer set to 5x!) ive increased the rams voltage to 2.8v but it still wont post.
    Is this because im using the crappy stock cooler or is there some technique that i dont know about?
    Oh and for those of you using a gigabyte mobo, im using the software oc'er "easy tuner 4". good to use or not? or is it better to oc via bios? also should i update my bios? and what benefits will there be if i do update it?


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    if your increasing the fsb(htt) past 230 then decrease the htt multiplier from 5x to 4x or even 3x

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