I have a SN42G2 V2 Shuttle

I have 2 sticks of PC3200 Crucial Memory

Memory Module Properties
Module Name Micron Tech. 16VDDT6464AG-40BCB
Serial Number 1668154023
Module Size 512 MB (2 rows, 4 banks)
Module Type Unbuffered
Memory Type DDR SDRAM
Memory Speed PC3200 (200 MHz)
Module Width 64 bit
Module Voltage SSTL 2.5
Error Detection Method None
Refresh Rate Reduced (7.8 us), Self-Refresh
Highest CAS Latency 3.0 (5.0 ns @ 200 MHz)
2nd Highest CAS Latency 2.5 (6.0 ns @ 166 MHz)

I can not get the memory to run at 400MHz at all

I have tried the following settings but the system BSODs after about 10 mins

System Performance Expert
FSB 200
CPU Interface Optimal
Memory Frequency 100%
Memory Timing Optimal
T[RAS] 8
T[RCD] 3
T[RP] 3
CAS Latency 3.0

The only way it will run stable is if its set as this

System Performance Optimal
FSB 200
CPU Interface By SPD
Memory Frequency 166 MHz
Memory Timing Optimal
T[RAS] 7
T[RCD] 3
T[RP] 3
CAS Latency 2.5

what setting do I need to put in the BIOS to get them memory to run at 400 please ?

Shuttle is running
AMD 3200+ CPU
2 x 512 Crucial Memory PC3200
Ati 9800 Pro 256 Bit GFX Card AGPx8
250 Maxtor HDD.