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Thread: New Maxtor HDD warranty issue

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    New Maxtor HDD warranty issue

    I ordered a 200gb maxtor DMP 9 SATA 8mb
    I recived a 200gb maxtor DMP 10 SATA 8mb (yay )

    Now the problem is the warranty, considering its a new drive. The warranty expires 2/3/06 according to maxtors site.

    However, the manufacture week is 0307 so that would be about right if it were sold just after it was made, but not with the 2 year gap...

    I only recived this drive today, so maybe its not been updated yet.. but I find it odd that they would put a date on if it will need to be changed after purchase.. - maybe that is sell by date - if its not registered by then as sold then its warranty is viod.. I dont know

    I have contacted the shop but they wont be able to reply untill tomorrow...

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    I've checked the packaging of my Maxtor One Touch II, and I can't see anything about a warranty time limit. I'd ring Maxtor themselves, as this warranty is a Maxtor warranty, and not necessarily the responsibility of the shop.

    Hope I could help.
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