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Thread: SCSI or SATA

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    Question SCSI or SATA

    In the process of building my upgrade rig, i have the following choices...

    Mobo is an Abit IC7-MAX3, p4 3.2Ghz NW, 1GB Corsair 3200XL Pro

    Sitting on my shelf is a WD Raptor 36gb, gathering dust for about a year now

    Now the choice is use that (as my other one is in this pc) & use the onboard sata controller, or an Adaptec 29160 SCSI card & single Cheetah 36gb 10k drive, I could possibly use two drives in raid using the Intel raid card I have, but was gonna save that for a raid 5 setup.

    So which one will I see the best performance from? It will have the OS & games installed, but will use Sata for storage..

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    I'd go with the cheetah, although the two drives listed aren't going to be much different in terms of raw speed. SCSI just seems to handle load better than sata. I loved my cheetah 15k, but in the end the noise just got too much (it's a first gen model and screams like a banshee).

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