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Thread: Removing the backplate on Asus Mobo

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    Removing the backplate on Asus Mobo

    i just got an OEM k8n-e deluxe mobo and a Zalman 7000 cpu fan. i was trying to install the fan, but it looks like i need to replace the mobo backboard with the zalman backboard. from a thread i read on this forum, it sounds like it will cause problems if i don't use the zalman backboard. the thing is that i have no clue how to remove the mobo backboard. it looks like its glued on or something to the mobo. does anyone know how to remove the mobo backboard from a k8n-e deluxe? appreciate any help.

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    Old thread but I've recently had the same problem.

    What did I do?

    Leave the back board on and used the original long screws to pin down the heatsink.

    This does leave two potential problems:
    1. The additional strength offered by the custom Zalman mount mounting is missing.
    2. There is a slight alignment difference and the long screws angle in towards the heatsink a tiny bit. I would expect this to be a major problem if the screws are over tightened.

    I've been running the Al-Cu 7000 for a month or so now and had no problems. If it were the heavier pure Cu heatsink or either of the 7700 series units I'd be more concerned.

    If you still think it's a major risk then I'm sorry to say I can't help you remove the standard fit plate otherwise I'd have done it!
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    actually, i tried keeping the original backboard and using screws to mount the fan, but after i tried then and i unscrewed the screws, the backboard just came off. i guess all it took was a little pressure. someone else said that using a blowdryer works also.

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