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Thread: Advice on Replacement Motherboard

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    Advice on Replacement Motherboard

    My Gigabyte 8KNXP BIOS chip looks like it has died (POST fails even after clearing CMOS the one time it did POST before the BIOS froze the CPU, memory and hard drives were all present and correct). So I have to look for a new board and I would appreciate recommendations for a replacement - the hardest use the machine gets is video editing hence the use of Intel.
    The hardware to transfer is as follows:
    Intel 3MHz P4 socket 478
    2 matched pairs of OCZ DDR 3700 256 Mb Gold, i.e. 1G/4 sticks altogether (presume rev1 but no rev marked), the board proved limited on its ability to overclock with this memory as an aside.
    ATI 9600 Pro AGP.
    SATA Raid one OS hard drives (2)
    IDE Raid one data hard drives (2)
    Mitsumi card reader 3.5". Hence need on board connectors for USB2, firewire etc for this reader.

    Any suggestions appreciated.


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    I had a Gigabyte do the same thing to me a while ago and reseting the CMOS did nothing. I ended up removing the board from the machine and the CMOS battery then sitting the motherboard on some tinfoil to totaly discharge it for about 10 minutes.
    Don't laugh it worked and the board still runs some 18 months later.

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