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Thread: overclocking 3000 venice problems

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      • CPU:
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      • Memory:
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    overclocking 3000 venice problems

    (please bear in mind that I'm not a hardcore overclocker - just a novice trying to get to 2.4ghz!)

    My system specs:

    epox nforce 4 ultra
    venice 3000 e6 bw revision
    arctic cooling freezer 64
    2x 512 corsair value ram @ 2.5-3-3-7 dual channel
    hitachi sata2 200gb hd
    ati x800xl @ stock
    atx 2.2 480w Hiper type R psu

    I've been experimenting with overclocking with my new pc in the last few days and I've hit a ceiling at around 2.3ghz or so - If I up the fsb anymore the pc does not post - the onboard screen on my epox nforce 4 ultra shows an overclock error code and I have to reset the bios.

    My current settings are 241x9 = 2170mhz with a memory divider running the memory at ddr333 = 400mhz (overclocked). I've tested the pc at 250x9 (2250mhz) with no problems at all - it just means my corsair value ram is running slightly overclocked at about 410mhz and I'd rather run it at stock. I've also lowered the hypertransport link to 4x.

    I've upped the voltage to the board by 0.1 of a volt to 1.6v because the fsb is higher - the cpu is running on 1.45v though the default was 1.5 for some reason (maybe it thinks the cpu is a newcastle core?!) and the ram is at 2.6v (default). I've lowered the cpu vcore because it shouldnt need that much volts and though it will probably run on less I've left it at 1.45v because I haven't got the time to test stability at lower voltages. The pc is prime95 stable at 250x9 and the cpu under maximum load goes up to 45 degrees (amd cool and quiet is turned off for obvious reasons ).

    The settings at which the pc does not boot:

    fsb @ 267x9 = 2403mhz - cpu @ 1.45v
    memory running with a ddr266 divider -
    hypertransport link set to 3x
    board voltage v1.6
    memory 2.6v

    Since the mobo doesnt even post and shows an overclock error I'm thinking the problem is the epox board - perhaps I need to update the bios? Can anyone help?
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    I would have thought that you would need more cpu voltage. The stock for venice cores is about 1.45 is it not? You're trying to get a 500mhz overclock on stock voltage which isn't impossible but not very likely. If you increase the voltage to 1.5 that should keep it more stable.

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    Try setting the CPU multiplier to 8, and using the same FSB, RAM and voltage settings. This way you can remove the CPU out of the equation.

    If it is stable at 8x, that means the CPU needs more volts to get 9x. If it isn't stable at that speed, then the motherboard doesn't like the high FSB, or the RAM timings are set too tight.

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    have 2 try droppin the multi 2nite

    couldn't get past 2.5ghz (Venice 3000 278x9) over w/e on new Shuttle SN25P

    but then hit same wall on old abit fatal1ty an8 ultra

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