I've been using a Logitech Mx1000 for around 10 months now and I haven't looked back. The time has come now where I'm going to be buying another for a secondary computer, problem is I need a good wireless keyboard to go with it so when the computer is not in use the keyboard can be moved and the desk space freed up.

You can currently get a Mx1000 for £37.00, now of course there is the Mx3100 which is the cordless desktop which includes the Mx1000 (Information Here). The main problem with that is it's hard to find and costs £64.00+. Another major problem is it is quite hard to find good wireless keyboards on their own. They are almost always part of these cordless desktops.

So my questions are:

Mx3100 users: is the keyboard worth the £27+?
Mx1000 users: what wireless keyboards do you use with it?
Other wireless keyboard users: what wireless keyboards can you purchase on their own that are any good?


Best Regards,