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Thread: SN85G4 can't post / black screen after 6800gt install

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    SN85G4 can't post / black screen after 6800gt install

    Here is the scoop....

    Bought this shuttle about 8-12 months ago... was working perfectly

    I wanted to update it now... so I got a 6800gt and a pci ati 7200
    put them in... forgot to put in 6800 extra connector
    started up got a long beep from gfx card
    put in the extra connector...

    booted into windows and got stuck on the blank desktop screen..
    did this a few times and same thing...
    tried just booting on the pci card I would just get black screen after post

    put my old gfx card in ti4600 booted np
    started all over again..
    then it stoped going into windows it would just hang black screen where it should say loading windows.. on all cards
    put bios on fail safe settings
    rebooted got failed to read disk error when windows should start loading... wierd

    tried this a couple of times and now I can't get post at all
    no bios no nothing...

    replaced everything except cpu and still nothing
    tried flashing the cmos nothing
    a comp store tested the cpu for me and it's fine...

    so this is where I'm at I'm about to call shuttle to see if I can ship this back and get a replacement board... ANY HELP would be great... I've been reading a lot on this last night and today and found others had same issues with the power so maybe I triped something that got the same problem initated... I dunno anyway thanks in advance...

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    0 times in 0 posts seems that i'm not the only one having this problem then! My SN85G4 V2 just went down 2 days ago, with almost the exact same symtoms. I had a V1 for a year and it did almost the same thing...luckily it was still under warrantee and shuttle replaced it with a new one. not so lucky this, i ordered a new V3, which should be here soon...hopefully that won't happen again! Athough, it looks like shuttle may have some reliability issues with their powersupply / motherboards

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    Can you get into windows safe mode?

    Sometimes I get this with sp2 on windows xp and the best solution is to install the graphics card drivers before sticking sp2 on.

    Try removing all components and adding them one by one (include the cpu as sometimes reseating it helps) to see if you can get it booting properly.

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