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Thread: USB Drive Catastrophe

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    Arrow USB Drive Catastrophe

    Hi everyone,

    Recently i seen a usb drive i liked so i bought it thinking this will be great it was a 1GB Flash Drive made by San Disk and i dont know much about computers but i know san disk has been around forever doing flash cards for cameras etc,..

    Anyways my problem begins, it was working perfectly, but i didnt want it to be FAT so i changed it to settings for performance instead of quick removal and then i selected format to ntfs. It failed and didnt format. The hardware info says Disk 1, Removable, Online, Partition Style: Master Boot Record (MBR), Capacity 1048576 MB, Unallocated 0MB, Reserved 0MB. Apparently in the windows format utility and in the HP usb key format utility my drive shows up as 1.0TB and i either get an error saying volume is too large or it starts then says format failed. No cd was sold with the drive because it is plug and play, but on there site there is a tool for the drive but all it does is say it cant find it . The only way i can attempt to format it is when i boot from the windows xp cd and even then it will partition it to 1024mb for me and leave the other 104000 mb as un partitioned and the 1024 i partitioned will be RAW format so i cant use it or format it to ntfs or fat.


    all i would like to know is..
    1) is it 1gb or 1tb ? the usb key is so tiny i just know it cant be but i can hope cant i lol
    2) what causes this misleading counting of space (MB)
    3) how can i get my usb drive to work again

    (PS i am running windows xp sp2 and i have tried it under windows xp sp1a, same results it is a SanDisk Cruzer Mini 1GB)

    Thanks to those who can help or give any ideas ^_^, if not i guess i will have to return it :'(

    thnx again
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