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Thread: I have a bit of a dilema

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    I have a bit of a dilema

    I would like to buy either a new pair of headphones (sennheiser RS120) or a new mouse. I'm going to be playing alot of elder scrolls oblivion when i finally get in a week or so, so the headphones would be good for this and the mouse won't be as important. But i also play cs:s a lot so a new mouse would be usefull for this, but so would a decent pair of headphones.

    Problem is i can only really afford one or the other, so does anyone have any ideas what would benefit me most? Currently my sound is coming through my hifi which has fairly decent sound quality or i use a pair of headphones, but i've nearly chewed through the wires on these. And my mouse is microsoft intelli point i think (optical).

    And if anyone can recommend some good headphones (must be wireless) or a good gaming mouse that would be handy, bearing in mind i have around £50 to spend, maybe a bit more for a good pair of headphones.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated


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    I have a Razer DiamonBack Plasma, I think it's a pretty good mouse, got mine on Ebay back in the summer as Scan didn't sell them. I've also heard good things about the Logitech gaming mice, not sure on the model numbers, Scan sell them though.

    Never looked into wireless headphones so I can't tell you anything about them.

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