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    dvd player

    Parents want to know which dvd player to buy and took me down to currys? today to show me what they have and to point at the best one... while they were busy pressing the open/close button and commenting on how they look

    Sadly, it seems currys accutally have more selection of cheap yet possibly decent dvd players than most online shops ive found.... with mpeg4 ones starting at £20 (amstrad branded)
    Have looked at aria, svp and ebuyer which had a few but costing 2x more than the amstrad... and for lazyness I think any that do mpg4 + normal basic features would probably be good enough in all other areas...

    so anyone know of a decent dvd player and where to buy it? preferably having mpg4

    Looking to spend under £45 preferably nearer 30...
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