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Thread: Cheapest network and Windows supported PDA?

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    Cheapest network and Windows supported PDA?

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a PDA of some sort to sit connected to my router and monitor net traffic. Basically I don't need much HDD space, needs to be a decent version of Windows, needs to support Mozilla and generally needs to be easy to function. Size is not really a problem as long as it's quite small.

    What's the best/cheapest option? Will be connected by an RJ45 to a router.

    Really don't wanna spend much money!

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    If you're looking for windows support, its a laptop not a PDA, and will cost 300+.

    If you're looking for a PDA with RJ45 support, you can buy a PDA with CF slot and use a CF Network adapter.

    Alternatively buy a PDA with 802.11b/g and an access point to connect to your router wirelessly.

    You'll be looking at 64MB of ram (probably 30m usable for storage) for a low end pda and up to 200MB of ram/rom for high end, plus SD/CF card of your choice (512M->4G+).
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