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Thread: Changing Partitions

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    Changing Partitions

    Hello all.

    long time reader, first time poster.

    I'm looking to change the partitions on my 80gb Maxtor in XP. I currently have 20gb ("c") for OS and programs, 50gb ("D") for games and 6gb ("E") I used for demos etc. I need to remove the 6gb partition and add it back onto my 20gb "c" drive.

    Is this possible and if so am i going to have to buy software or can it be done under XP disc management.

    Thanks in advance for you help.

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    It can be done in the volume management console, as long as there aren't any processes that have a file hand open on a file in the partition, if so, reboot in safe mode and try there.. If you want to do anything more than delete/add partitions you'll need to get partition magic or some such.
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    You need to first convert your disk into dynamic disk in xp disk management, delete E: then expand the C: volume into the space freed up.

    Not the best way to do it but its the simpliest / easiest. Ideally you should shift the thing so that C is in a single piece but that would require software like Partition Magic, or a complete format of your harddrive (after backup of course)
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