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Thread: Tagan 800watt PSU

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    Tagan 800watt PSU

    Now at the moment I have:

    C2D E6300 - 3ghz
    2*512 geil PC6400
    2*320 WD drives
    1*160 WD drive
    Audigy 2
    Antec NeoPower 480

    Now I was going to get the rest of my ram (upgraded from 3700/2gb geil but couldn't afford another gig of expensive DDR2) and buy a Tagan 800watt psu. Does anyone have any pic's? There doesn't seem to be many on the web and I'd like to have a look at the cables. My main reason for updating my PSU is purely for futureproofing my system. I'll hopefully graduate this year, so if I get a job to start me off - and I want to change my gfx card I can without having to get a PSU.

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    This is the only one I could find:

    That does seem a little bit of overkill though. It will future-proof you, but unless you're planning to do something that will require alot of power (like 8800s in SLI or creating a woman a la 'Weird Science') I'd wonder whether it's worth getting anything over about 650W. That puppy'll set you back £130 mind...

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