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    OK after placing an Order for the bargain 93 qid Video card at weekend it annoyed at way order went-
    First system said order recieved - Then payment taken - all Sunday - then on monday it claimed payment refused (but me bank was LOT lighter). System now corretly states payment authorised - but you have no Video cards to send . Now I was hoping your new system would only grab funds when you have the goods (best way IMHO). Now as I knew you operate the old way of grab payment before seeing if you have goods - I have too accept that and await your attempts to obtain stock..

    What I strongly object to is your refusal to split order postge - the other £60 worth of stuff is in stock & if order split in two then both parts would be well over free carriage limits then I feel you should split the order as you took payment. If I cancel those parts and re-order I'll be waiting for the refund until I can afford to.

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    Re: Annoyed


    PM me your invoice number and I shall check this for you tomorrow


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