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Thread: Faulty ST3500320AS Hard Disk

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    Exclamation Need to get faulty hard disk replaced

    Hey, I received the parts for my new computer, well packaged and working beautifully.. apart from the hard disk.

    Yesterday my computer began running badly, lagging a lot and also the hard disk was making a lot of noise whenever doing things on the computer. I then rebooted and windows wouldn't load. I tried booting with last known working settings and that worked but the computer still ran badly.

    I ran the Seatools hard disk diagnostic program and it told me my hard disk has errors.

    I'm not sure what to do now. I obviously need a replacement, but I'm not sure what the best way is of doing that. I don't want to have to send it off and then wait for days before I can use my computer again. I actually wanted to get a second one of those hard disks anyway.

    Could I maybe buy 2 of the hard disks and then send off the faulty one for a refund when they arrive? Would I have to pay for postage? Would it be possible to get them sent faster than normal seeing as it's a replacement?

    Thanks for the help, and apart from that the service was great!

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    Re: Faulty ST3500320AS Hard Disk

    Okay, well it's all sorted now anyway after a quick phonecall to the friendly people at scan

    I ordered a replacement with free shipping and and going to be send RMA details in an email soon, let's just hope the next hard disk isn't a duff

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