Hi Guys

New to the forum!

Just a quick question which someone may be able to clear up for me, DFI make a number of mobos based on the X48 chipset, I bought the DK X 48 T2R, but there is no reference to it on DFI's website, only to a T2RS - is this one and same board? I went looking for the bios update to 25 July 08 and though its probably not an issue and would work fine, I just wondered why on Scan's site and on Overclocker's site it is the T2R board which is prevalent.

Contacted DFI and the tech engineer told me he hadnt even heard of the DK board lol! Bit odd.

If anyone owns this board, with the orange ram slots, can they confirm the latest bios is all good?

I am interested in it for the ABS overclocking function it allows, since I'm having a few issues manually overclocking it.


Kind regards