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Thread: Thumbs up for Scan

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    Thumbs up for Scan

    As educated consumers of high-tech electronic products we all have very high expectations of our e-tailers regarding quality products at competitive prices, speedy deliveries and top-class customer service . Just looking at Scan's huge range of products and imagining the number of orders received and despatched per day makes my head spin. I appreciate that most of us take it as a personal affront when things do not go as smoothly as expected, since as soon as we have pressed that little "confirm order" button , in our minds those goods immediately become "ours".
    We have done our bit, we have invested time, effort and money, so where are the goods? Come on Scan, hurry up will you.
    I am not an employee of Scan nor am I an apologist for them. I just happen to think that they are an excellent electronics e-tailer who get things right most of the time.
    My order had a minor wobble on the stock control front (early January) but I was assured by Carrie that all was well, the goods were in stock and my parcels arrived on the appointed day.
    I would just like to thank all those grafters at Scan, especially the poor devils in Customer Service, who have to put up with people like me every day.
    I had ordered parts for a new self-build pc for my birthday. All the components worked perfectly and I am chuffed to bits both with my new pc and the excellent service from Scan. I am also delighted with my new Linux OS (openSUSE 10.2), so unfortunately for Scan I will not be afta la Vista!

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    I second that, Ive ordered items from scan several times, any their service has always been top notch, the prices are the best around too!

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    hey thanks guys posts like this make it worth while
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wills View Post
    I second that, Ive ordered items from scan several times, any their service has always been top notch, the prices are the best around too!
    I second that.

    Best prices

    Free delivery

    Excellent customer service

    If carlsberg made an etailer it would probably be this one

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