I managed to install Fedora on my system WITHOUT wiping out XP! This is a miracle as I have XP on a SCSI drive, booting off an IDE drive, with a SATA RAID Array thrown in there too!

Anyway that's beside the point.

The two questions:

The kernel I'm running doesn't support ntfs. Any rpm's made for Fedora of kernels with ntfs (writing isn't an issue right now) support.

Secondly, the kernel is having a proper rough time with my SATA RAID Array. Can I either install a kernel that simply doens't support SATA, therefore won't have any problems, or pass a parameter at boot time to stop the kernel attempting to use the SATA drives.

My SATA Controller is the good old Silicon Image chip.

Cheers guys!

PS - and Fedora is pretty smooth. I've been running Linux on my gateway for ages, but until now it hasn't been feasible to run it on my Desktop.