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Thread: Car Insurance is Too Expensive

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    Question Car Insurance is Too Expensive

    Hey world out there. Don't you think that car insurance is just too expensive? Let me tell you something, I have a 1995 Chevy Cavalier with full coverage on it in my name costing me over $200 a month for full insurance, now is that right? Is it because of my age? The car is over 10 years old. I live in the state of Michigan and cost for me for insurance is that high with the little job that i have. I think if you have a car like that at that age, your insurance for full coverage should be way cheaper than that. Why pay every month, do you guys agree with me on that? I can't enjoy my work check comfrortably because of car insurance. Not only car insurance is the big problem but hasn't gas gone up high! Thats way too much for a gallon. You have car insurance due, and gas to pay, now whats next. All i have to say is car insurance too expensive. If you were in that position of full coverage every month, what would you do?

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    Re: Car Insurance is Too Expensive

    You have no idea what it costs us in the UK compared with the US.

    For a start, insurance is per driver, not per car...

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    Re: Car Insurance is Too Expensive

    Im sorry your paying roughly £100 per month and you think thats bad . . . .

    Jeez id like to swap places with you!

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    Re: Car Insurance is Too Expensive

    Use a search engine that will find you best price use cashback sites to lower per annum for example £100 cashback with some sites...

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