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Thread: New powerbook! What else do I need?

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    New powerbook! What else do I need?

    I am waiting for my new powerbook 12" with superdrive to be delivered and am wondering what else I need? I am going to get office for the usual. I will mainly be doingoffice type things, browsing the net and other such things. I will also be playing football manager 2005 . So are there any other things I will be needing? No silly suggestions please!
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    You might want to invest in a mouse, if you're uncomfortable with the touchpad, but other than that, you should be fine. What else do you need to do? I tend to dribble over new peripherals on the mac store, but what you do is entirely up to you.

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    As Tommy has already suggested this is a decision you have to make as everyone has different needs and uses their computers differently (obviously - but the fact you have asked this calls for suggesting the obvious sorry )...

    Off the top of my head you could consider investing in a Kensington lock for your notebook along with maybe a sleeve. I found that having a sleeve for my powerbook made a world of difference as you don't have to go and shell out on an expensive bag that says to the world "Hey I got an expensive laptop inside, steal me!".

    If you haven't got a wireless network at home another suggestion would be to grab an Airport Express, usefull little critters especially if you move alot and want to go online at a friends place but don't want to be tied down by wires.

    That's all I can think of for now - Good luck and if you have any teething issues (as I take it this is your first Mac) just post here and I'll see how I can help.

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