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Thread: Motorshow/French Car Show Weekend

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    Motorshow/French Car Show Weekend

    What a mad weekend i've just booked!!!

    Here's the plan....


    Saturday 29th May 2004

    6:00am ..... My Birthday....... Leave the house and travel down to the NEC for the motorshow at Birmingham.

    10am.. Arrive at the motorshow. (Advance Tickets = £13 each)

    5pm or there abouts... leave.. and book into the travel inn that i've booked in Rugby (£45.95 and 10 miles from the French Car Show).

    7pm... Wash the car, ready for the French Car Show.... have a meal.. get pissed... etc... then return to the travel inn and goto bed.


    Sunday 30th May 2004

    Wake up early ish.. and drive to the French Car Show. 10 mile journey

    Then drive home after the FCS


    I'm looking forward to it now its gonna be such a busy, yet superb weekend....

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    hmmm NEC... HMM 15 miles from my house

    shall i go

    better park round corner though
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