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Thread: Fable 2 'I Gots It' Thread.

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    Re: Fable 2 'I Gots It' Thread.

    I can't say I really minded the lack of a world map... Maybe it would have added a small touch of flair but each area was well mapped, you are provided with a golden trail taking you to places that are new or fast travel for places you've been before. I don't see a gaming need for a world map at all.

    On a completely different subject, it did make me think about capitalism a bit... I ended the game as the most wonderful and nicest hero Albion could want but I made my money first as an honest blacksmith working for a few coins, then as an honest arms dealer, trading cheap weapons from the smithy I worked for to poor impoverished villagers who no doubt used them to prolong a bloody conflict with the local bandits. Finally I invested my blood money in every local business I came across, buying shop after stall across the world, ruthlessly crushing competition and establishing a world wide monopoly on everything purchasable. Everything. And, of course, I demanded a huge 'owner's discount' on everything I bought from my globo-chain.

    And they still call me Hero, hell, they called me Mayor and King and worshiped me despite the fact that my blood stained fingers were in every single pie in the land.

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    Re: Fable 2 'I Gots It' Thread.

    villagers dont really come near me anymore, and when they do they cower in fear. The maasacre of the whole of one of the villages probably accounts for some of it. Now the game is further on (due to a story element) i will have to pop back and see if anyone that lives there now has heard of me hehe.

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    Re: Fable 2 'I Gots It' Thread.

    Due to the choice I made at the end everyone hates me I can persuade them otherwise, but as soon as I leave the region and come back it resets

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    Re: Fable 2 'I Gots It' Thread.

    I played a bit of the multiplayer yesterday and was very disappointed. The camera is awful and ruined the whole thing. Nothing like I thought it might be.

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    Re: Fable 2 'I Gots It' Thread.

    I ahve been playing this game a lot over the last 3 days and I have enjoyed it. The only real letdown are the bugs

    I have 4 / 5 gargoyles on the info screen for the lake but I have actually got all 5... thats that screwed up. I also found a section where you could walk off the edge and be teleported right back onto the ledge again.

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