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Fair enough I suppose, but few people would actually benefit from having more than one monitor rather than a single larger one. TV production is another case where it could be desirable, but again this is a very specialized application and often requires many monitors and extensive inboard and outboard hardware. Amiga and Mac toasters come to mind.
well its been a while since I posted this an to be honest I forgot about it tell today while cleaning up my email folder and ran across the link and was humored by the responses. been running SLI for a while now and it has its good and bad points.
as far as the multiple monitors you hit the nail here, but are a little out of date because the toaster has been a pc for the last four years now and although I dont have vt4 loaded on this paticular machine I do use it on a dual zeon 3.0 with twin lacie electron 22 blue III monitors. great program, I do however use newteks lightwave and nothing used to erk me more than to try to use the modler on one screen and layout on the other but since most video cards dont give you the same directx capabilities on both heads I always had to move the stupid windows back and forth to get the overlays to refresh, any way thats no longer a problem, everything works no matter which of the 4 i put them on, and i have room for all the utillity windows without them being on top of my workspace. as does photoshop, premeire, aftereffects, and maya. my video apps are so much easier to use with extra real estate and tv out functions that the dual 6800 cards provide. no its not the answer to the best preformance in gaming because my framerates actualy went down in some games as opposed to the single 6800 oc'd, but all in all im happy with the workings of it. just wish I could swap in and out of SLI without the reboot, or at least if I have to reboot, make it a boot option so if i'm shut down in one mode i dont have to boot twice to get to work the way I want too. POMPOUS no I work hard for my money and try to spend it as wisely as I can, I make a living with my computers not just play games but everyone has to play sometimes and I have spent many years purchasing just enough computer to get me by, if a forty five years old I decide I'd like to spend a little more and get something that is cutting edge I feel I have earned the right to it!