Hey all,

I recently purchased a Gigabyte 3D Mercury case locally but used. The seller had accidently sent some of the cases parts along with some of the components he had originally used (left them attached accidently) and it seems I cannot get hold of them. Though I spoke to the person he sold the parts to, I have still not received anything and I doubt I will.

I am missing a few parts, but only one is essential:

* The PSU Retainer Plate - As the case has built in water cooling, it uses a 'plate' to fasten the power supply into the case (essential to hold psu inside the case)

* The extended power supply retainer plate - though I do not intend to use an extended power supply (the big 1000w+ monsters), I would still like to get hold of a plate in case I do. I am also missing the extended screws!

* The case keys for the side panel

I figured I would try to purchase the parts from Gigabyte but this has proven to be very hard! I went onto their website and left three or four support emails with no replies. After that, I decided to call them; I tried several numbers, two in the UK who couldn't help and one in Germany who I couldn't get through to.

So, my question is, what can I do to fix this case?! It's lovely but the parts are missing and I can't replace them. I payed an awful lot for this case and it has really put me down. I was a big fan of Gigabyte, but their customer service has dampened this! Can any one suggest anything, or does anyone know how I can get through to Gigabyte?


- Calvin

PS: I have pictures of the missing parts if anyone is interested.