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Thread: CPU Fan & RPM...

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    CPU Fan & RPM...

    I have an Intel P4 2.4GHZ CPU & the standard box Fan cooler that came with it. The fan’s specs are: DC12V, 0.18A. But I noticed in the Bios hardware monitoring, that the fan is spinning at only 2480RPM. Even though The CPU’s temp is at 30C, isn’t the fan’s RPM, a bit too low for this CPU?

    Thanks in advance

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    I have the same CPU, same cooler.....mine spins at the same speed so it should be ok. Maybe buy a fan controller so you can crank it up, but mines 29 degrees idle, 32 mudium load, and jumps to a max of 45 degrees under lots of load (Sis Sandra Burn In test). Aslong as your not exceeding say, 60 degrees, you should be fine

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