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Thread: SB95P V2 - Flash Bios

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    SB95P V2 - Flash Bios

    What is the best way to flash my bios to the latest bios. I can not find out how to do it anywhere.



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    Are you sure you 'need' to flash your BIOS? What version is on there?

    If you’re running windows the actual flashing affair is very simple, just install Winflash from your Shuttle CD and get the latest BIOS off there site for your Shuttle. Be very careful to get the right one .

    Run Winflash and select BACKUP YOUR BIOS and save that somewhere safe (also copy it off your PC if you can).

    Then you select UPDATE YOUR BIOS and browse to the file you extracted from the downloaded BIOS from Shuttle. You may (read should) select CLEAR THE CMOS SETTINGS when you flash and you will have to go into the BIOS and reconfigure all your settings after the update.

    This is not a very accurate guide as I don’t have Winflash handy to check but you should get the idea.

    Flashing from a DOS bootable device (i.e. Floppy, USB Floppy, Memory Card etc.) is also very easy but for your needs Winflash provides a more comfortable environment. If you need help sorting a DOS flash just ask.
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    Have a look here if you want flash from within Windows:

    Here if you want to use DOS
    XPC BIOS (French Site)

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