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Thread: SN95G5 - Stupid Question!?

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    SN95G5 - Stupid Question!?


    Sorry if this is a stupid question. I've done a bit of a search and couldn't find the answers I'm after.

    I'm thinking of buying a SN95G5V3 to run a mix of new components that I haven't bought yet (some kind of Athlon 64, a TV card) and some stuff I already have (an old AGP Radeon 9200 and an old HD). I'll be updating the old stuff eventually but can't afford to buy all new stuff to start with.

    I've seen plenty of posts on here asking about compatibility with new kit but was wondering if I'll have any problems running my old graphics card and PC2700 RAM in the SN95?

    I'd really appreciate any thoughts that anyone might have.

    Cheers, Matt

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      • Windows 10 Pro
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    I am fairly sure you can, just would need to set up a divider - which may be done automatically.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Please excuse my ignorance, but what is a divider?


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