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    Hi all,
    I listen to music in MP£ format, through my computer. I'm thinking of getting a new soundcard and amplifier. I'm basically not sure if I should use normal stereo jacks (those red and white ones) or optical interface for better quality. Does anyone have any ideas on components? I was thinking Creative X-fi range, and Cambridge audio amps at Richer Sounds would come to about £180 together ideally. Cheers

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    The creative x-fi range is indeed a very good but which model you go for is up to you theres the fatality fps edition, oem, extreme, pro etc. All are very good in there own respects but depends on how much control you want over your music, scan do them at a good price atm.
    Ive never really noticed a huge difference between optical and normal stereo jacks tbh, with the x-fi sound card range the music will be a lot more clearer and richer at higher and lower basses etc so it doesnt make much of a difference to me.

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    If you are going with an AV amp with a didgital connection, have a look at the Auzentech X-Plosion cards, they do a direct optical/coaxial digital connection to your amp, and you can even send your mp3s as 5 channel DTS if that tickles your fancy. Also, you can send game soundtracks in 5.1 DTS or Dolby Digital, and that sounds pretty awesome. The Opamps on the card are upgradeable for those who really want the analog sound.

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