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Thread: New DSL Modem (Router?)

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    New DSL Modem (Router?)

    Hey! We have some cheap Arescom netDSL modem/router from our ISP and I think it is having problems. A lot of times it will just stop working and I will have to reboot it to get it to work. Other times certain things will stop working. Like if I am on P2P (utorrent) that will keep working fine and suddenly I cannot load any web pages or anything. Even if I shut off the P2P so I know it isn't just the bandwidth, I cannot get sites to load. Every time I have a problem, a reboot of the modem fixes it.

    However, I am getting sick of dealing with it several times an hour now and would like to fix it. First off, do you think it is the modem? Second, what is a modem you would recommend. Our ISP wants to sell us a new one at $50 US and I think that is probably a rip off because I am sure it's a cheap one.

    Can you guys recommend something else or should I just get theirs? If you post any links, a USA site would be preferable I was looking on Newegg and am not very familiar with this type of product and did not find anything that looks to be what I needed.



    Well, a buddy of mine just told me that he actually has an old one that I can use so I will try that out and hopefully that will work.

    However I was looking around and from the prices I saw (in the USA at least) I would be looking on Ebay as I could not find any reasonable deals from Newegg.
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