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Thread: WoW Links and Information <sticky>

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    WoW Links and Information <sticky>

    As there is a growing number of threads appearing that NEED to be stickied why don't we create this thread with links to all the threads here that are going to be useful. I will update all the information as we go.
    This will need help from a Forum Mod to get going and maintain, so it would be mighty useful if we have a Mod amongst us (do we?) who can help out.

    Instance and Raid Guides
    Instance Walkthrough Guide
    Instance List with recommended lvls
    The Dragons

    Most needed Items
    Rare Items needed
    Who for Armour....
    Enchanting: Help me help you
    FAO Leather workers 225+

    Best Melee Weapon in game at this time?

    Class Guides
    Talent points - how to spend (warrior)
    Lockpicking guide for Rogues
    Tanking - A how to guide
    Class Guides - Sticky TBH

    WoW Macros

    Honour System
    Hexus PvP Server

    WoW Mods and Patches
    Image Hosting (56k warning) + possible spoilers!!
    Useful Sites
    Hexus Horde Code Of Conduct - All Please Read
    Hexus Horde Guild Roster
    Good PVP Players to work with...
    Online Character Profiles
    Patch 1.4 Direct Download
    World of Warcraft Theme

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    As much as i like the idea, the only problem with linking to threads, is that threads get deleted. Only 5 pages (from what i can see) are kept active at any one time. Therefore if a thread goes down that far you end up with dead links.

    I know you must have put a lot of work into your post, but you may be better off by finding direct links to websites and creating one big info centre

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