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Thread: Corsair HX650W faulty?

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    Corsair HX650W faulty?

    I thought I would post here to see what you lovely folk can advise.

    A few months ago I bought a corsair HX650W PSU along with a Nvidia 1GB GAINWARD GTX460 GoldenSample.

    When I plugged everything in and powered it on, the card literally exploded. The tiny black rectangular bits (I unfortunately have no idea what the technical term for them are) just infront of the 2 6pin power connectors (not the same card but used for giving a better picture) lit up red, crackled and exploded at which point I turned off the power for the power supply. Smoke and the smell of burning ensued.

    Originally I thought that this was just a fault with the card and that its highly unlikely that the PSU is faulty but now Im not so sure as I have bought a whole new system and its almost happened again.

    Intel Core i5 2500K OEM UNLOCK
    Asus P8P67 LE R3 P67 MoBo
    1GB Asus GTX 560 Ti DirectCUII
    A/Cooling Freezer 7 Pro v2
    8GB 2x4GB CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B

    I plugged this all in with the HX650W and it turned on fine but about 30 seconds later at the post screen, I could smell burning which was shortly followed by a fizzling/crackling sound (same as when my gainward card blew up) so I killed the power to the system. I unplugged the card and inspected the same black rectangular bits but they appear to be fine. I powered the system back without the GFX plugged in to which it beeped and there was no burning smell (I left it running for a few mins). I found an old 8800gtx and plugged that in (one 6pin power required) and that turned on without a problem. All fans spin inc the PSU (PSU fan is the loudest out of all them).

    Is there anything I can do to test the PSU/modular wires that wont possibly damage any more components? (I already fear that the gfx card is damaged in which case I would have to wait a long time to get it replaced)


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    Re: Corsair HX650W faulty?

    I believe the little black things are small mosfet transistors and are part of the power regulation on the card.
    It could of been the mosfet's that were faulty, why they exploded, but if you've got issues again then it could well be the pus, or the modular cables, are you sure you're plugging in the correct cable into the correct modular socket on the psu?

    For testing you can use a multimeter to check the voltages.

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    Re: Corsair HX650W faulty?

    go into
    (bottom left)

    Cant plug it in anywhere else. Just had a thought - Have I missed something and you need to use 2 separate ones (6 pin modular cable) for each 6 pin socket on the gfx?...

    I shall dig out the multimeter and check - that didn't occur to me.

    I will have a look at the amp label on the psu

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    Re: Corsair HX650W faulty?

    Hi, its voltage you want to check, but might check out OK if no load on circuit, not much load etc ie not that what is required by device etc.
    GFX cards seem to want a lot of power, so main thing will be 12v rail/ rails ie if only lower voltage, not going to blow things, things prob won't work thou.
    Be strange if psu is delivering 12v, then mobo or GFX card is increasing this ?

    Cheers BOB

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