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Thread: Current RMA not giving needed information

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    Current RMA not giving needed information

    So I bought an Asus 5770 on the 29th of October and only after coming here to try and get some insight on why I wasnt getting any emails from scan about shipping my order, I was informed that there was no stock and Paul kindly helped me swap my order for an XFX version.

    So I recieved the XFX 5770, but after a few days of swapping out components I came to the conclusion that the card was faulty as it wasnt displaying anything on the monitor.

    So i contacted Scan, they informed me that I need to go through XFX, I contacted XFX and they ran me through some questions about the problem and workarounds for finding the fault. After a dozen emails back and forth they refered me back to scan with a reference number. Scanb then arranged for an RMA and on the 13th of November they emailed me to confirm that a refund/replacement has been approved.

    So I waited and waited and waited some more... Eventualy I phoned Scan and were told that my RMA was blocked and no info could be obtained from the system. The gentlemen on the phone asked me to be patient and await his email reply to my inquiery.

    An hour later I recieved an email stating that the RMA has now been completed.

    Unfortunatly, I have no idea where that leaves me..? Am I getting a refund or a replacement..? When will I recieve it..?

    Can anyone here help me with a bit more information on my current position regarding this RMA?

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    Re: Current RMA not giving needed information

    Please re-post here with the RMA Number so we can look into this for you

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