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Thread: Wrong Graphics Card

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    Wrong Graphics Card

    I recently ordered a graphics card, from Scan amongst a few other things.

    Please see this thread:

    Bit dissapointed, as the graphics card I recieved wasn't actually the one I ordered. Also, I found it a bit wierd to have a Point Of View sticker stuck on there (Not even aligned straight!).. but surely it can't be a POV card as from what I have seen, there are no fanless POV cards!

    The card runs fine, but I wanted the one with a fan on it. As with this one, I find after a while into playing a game it starts to lose performance once it heats up. I have found a way round the problem, by facing a fan on top of the card, and one below to cool down the heatsink.. But I really could do without the unneeded extra fans, and extra db levels of 2 fans!

    I am currently designing a website with a deadline, and have no spare PCI-E cards lying around. What are the chances I could be sent the card I ordered, or one of similar specs with a fan, and then this one would be returned? At my own expense if required.

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    I have physically checked our stock and can confirm this card seems to be mis-advertised as this card is indeed passive. I have amended the spec and requested the image to be removed.

    If you would like to return the card please log a query via the following link:-

    We can arrange a collection of the card and refund for you once returned. Customer services will then offer you free carriage on your next order if you choose to return the card.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused


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