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Thread: Intel e6300 overheating?

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      • 256mb Sapphire X1950XT
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      • 530w Tagan EasyCon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee @ SCAN View Post
    Oh lucky you.... try Tuesday for me

    In regards to speeding this process up, unfortunately we cannot send out advance replacements for processors and as such this timescales going to obviously include the time taken for the CPU to come back to us - be tested and then obviously replaced if faulty.

    Best Regards,
    Heh, I know it sucks, Tuesday isnt that bad, I mean if you want something you can order it and it can come during the week! I have to wait 5 days!

    Ah well life goes on.
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    As the chip has speedstep it drops the multiplier when it's not doing much, not sure if it's meant to go as low as 6 though. Maybe it's super-throttling due to the heat issue.

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