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Thread: New build sound problem

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    New build sound problem

    Just finished building a new system and everything appears to be working fine except one thing. The line out of the motherboard for the speakers isn't working quite right. The left channel is about half the volume of the right. I've checked the balance properties for the speakers and they should both be equal.

    The speakers work fine in the front speaker header, so it isn't them (and headphone suffer the same issue). I'm thinking it's probably an issue with the line out connector on the back of the mobo, just wondering if anyone else has any ideas (really don't want to have to RMA the mobo).

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    Sounds like a dodgy connection to the rear jack - maybe see if you can find any bad joints (I can't remember what's visible or not - try pressing it down firmly to see if it helps). As you say, the motherboard sound header is fine as the connection to the front port is fine. Anyway you can run cables from the motherboard header to the rear jack as well?

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    Have you tried with the front's disconnected and the jumpers back on the mobo?

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