It seems the t whenever i try and play any form of mucis/video with musioc on my pc it crashes.

the issue is down to my mobo which is the asrock dual-vsta

i had an audigy 2zs but had to remove this as it caused random crashes when i wasnt even using it (when disable no probs and it was working fine on my old mobo for over a year) heard this is a conflict issue with the dual - vsta

but the on board sound also has issues i.e. it crashes the pc randomly as well generally when playing audio .if it is disabled no crashing.

anyone got any ideas don't really want to fork out for a new sound card esp if its not a s card related issue.

if i do will probably get a x-fi as it seems best value unless someone can think of a better sound card for mp3s mainly at around the 50 pound mark.