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Thread: Longhorn 64-bit

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    Longhorn 64-bit

    According to

    These are the planned for (although being MS they will probably keep on changing) versions of Longhorn:-

    Longhorn Home Edition
    Analogous to Windows XP Home Edition.

    Longhorn Media Center Edition
    A superset of Home Edition that includes the Media Center functionality. Analogous to XP Media Center Edition.

    Longhorn Professional Edition
    Analogous to Windows XP Professional Edition.

    Longhorn Small Business Edition
    A new product edition aimed at the small business market. Currently very similar to XP Professional Edition.

    Longhorn Mobility/Tablet PC Edition
    Analogous to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

    Longhorn Premium Edition
    A new product edition that bridges the consumer and business versions and includes all of the features from the Home, Premium, Pro, Small Business, and Tablet PC Editions (but not Starter Edition). The new Premium edition will also add value to Microsoft's business-oriented Software Assurance (SA) customers.

    Is Longhorn going to be 64-bit? Or are they going to release a 64-bit version at an even later date.

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    I always assumed it was gonna be 64bit

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    As someone who works in IT support, this makes me cry

    As we have enough problems having to support all sorts of versions as it is.

    Please do not message me about Scan Free shipping, I no longer work for

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt1eD

    Is Longhorn going to be 64-bit? Or are they going to release a 64-bit version at an even later date.
    There already is... and its floating around out there.... I know several people who use it as a main OS. But keep in mind the average life cycle is about 30 days for any of the longhorn builds...

    ^ alitle more details on the builds from my thread...
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