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Thread: The Great Xbox 360 Repair Debacle

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    Re: The Great Xbox 360 Repair Debacle

    Quote Originally Posted by cynalan View Post
    I am really, really p.o. 'ed right. Having spent nearly $600 for an XBOX 360 Elite, I played for no more than 15 hours when I got the red light of death. 15 bloody hours!!! And this was the new Elite box, not one of the originals.

    So, report the problem, takes 1 week for the box to arrive to ship the unit. Send it in and get it back 7 weeks later. Guess what? Sent in a virtually brand new BLACK Elite and received an old, original WHITE 360. How the hell do you make a mistake like that?

    Now I have to go through the whole damn process again. Wait for the box, ship the wrong unit back and wait until they receive it before they will ship back the right, and obviously refurbished, unit. I am really, really ticked. I doubt that I will every buy an XBOX again no matter how good the system might be.
    and people say MS have a good customer support and there trying real hard with the 3 year extended warranty

    i should be getting my 4th one back this week and all i want it to do is to last till march next year for when i will completely ditch console gaming and build a new gaming rig

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    Re: The Great Xbox 360 Repair Debacle

    Anyone do "Modding" and Resell used Xboxs. Let me know...

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    Re: The Great Xbox 360 Repair Debacle

    If you mean "modding" in the way that allows piracy, we have strict rules on HEXUS forbidding it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Saracen View Post
    And by trying to force me to like small pants, they've alienated me.

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