So yeah it me back again with yet another what do i do wth my money topic? Don't say gamble at this point! Its not a tv show

Wanting to get a 22" \22"+ monitor which will currerntly will go with my HPw19 monitor. I have looked at a few but wasn't to sure about things i could be missing out on! Including a few inches

Im currently looking into getting the LG M228WD 22" - LG M228WD 22" Wide HD Monitor/TV with Freeview, 5ms. HDMI, 3000:1 Contrast Ratio : lg-m228wd

It has a built in digital tuner card which is a major plus for me! Seeing as i don't have a tv in my room so wouldn't mind having the option to do that nevermind what quality. Also for it to double up as a monitor with HDMI (which my 360 will love) and the high resolution in which my pc will enjoy too.

However, I could be interested in getting a 24"+ monitor for around the same price, aslong as: the contrast ration remains more or the same, ports include HDMI, DVI etc. (maybe composite etc? Or is that pushing it ) and a bigger resolution than the 22" with a much quicker response time

I know its alot to ask but im sure there are clever dudes out there who can help!