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Thread: FSP 700w PSU Faulty - 1 Year & 10 Days Old - What To Do?

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    FSP 700w PSU Faulty - 1 Year & 10 Days Old - What To Do?

    I bought this PSU (FSP 700w 700-80GLN) for my PC on the 1st of October, 2008.

    My PC hasn't been booting properly for the last week or so, to start with moving the RAM around got it going but now it's really dead (fans spin, but no POST etc). Finally had time to get it on a bench and fiddle and using my spare Hiper 580w it works fine, but when I go back to the FSP unit it doesn't want to know.

    I've called Scan but they say it's 10 days out of warranty and so I'm SOL which seems a little... harsh.

    I've called FSP, but they don't process end user returns directly.

    I'm just wondering what Scan are likely to do?

    I originally paid £28.14 for the PSU, however this was a "Today Only" special price, and also included a discount voucher for previous poor service (Citylink Ninja Carding). I would happily accept a replacement unit, or a similar specced unit from a similar or better brand, however to get the same unit now would cost me £68, and a similar unit would be around the same price.

    I'm wondering if theres anything else I can do? I would argue that 12 months and 10 days is an unreasonable amount of time for a PSU to last, especially when it hasn't been powering anything that should of pushed it too hard (PC was pulling 500w maximum from the wall under load including monitors).

    For those who think i've bought a cheapo PSU and should face the cost - FSP are a very very very big OEM manufacturer of PSU's for companies like HP etc. This unit is designed to power high end gear, however OEM's don't care about looks, or cable lengths etc, or even boxes (mine was shipped wrapped in bubble wrap - no box etc) which explains the cheap price. I would happily have a replacement FSP unit, or a Corsair, Seasonic, PCP&C etc unit, but I wouldn't class a "ColoursIT" or "WinPower" as a fair replacement as they cannot provide anywhere near the power advertised stably.

    The PC in question was a Phenom 920, 4830, 2x 7200.12 HDD's & a Foxconn A7DA-S, however in the past it has powered a Xeon X3210 with 4x HDD's, 2x Optical Drives and an 8800GTX on an Asus P5K-E board. I originally bought it as the Hiper unit before that whined with the 8800GTX whereas this was fine.

    Help please?
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    Re: FSP 700w PSU Faulty - 1 Year & 10 Days Old - What To Do?

    Hi There,

    I have ammended your post to reflect the correct purchase date, from this date you will note you are actually one month and 10 days out of warranty.

    Scan Computers cannot issue a replacement item when a warranty has expired.


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    Re: FSP 700w PSU Faulty - 1 Year & 10 Days Old - What To Do?

    Often get symptoms like you describe if the 4pin isnt connected. Check the 4pin CPU cable+connector and maybe the ATX cable/connector too, see if theres any damage or pins not making contact.

    I have one of those PSU as well, was a very good deal on TO.

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